Tantramar Campbell Campbell



On the north side of the building there is a visitors' parking lot.

At the rear of the property stands the monument to the Acadian village of Tintamarre, located in this area. See ACADIAN SETTLEMENT OF TINTAMARRE .

From this point there is a fine view over the expanse of "the Great Marsh" :


On the south side of the main building is an historic blacksmith shop, relocated to this site in 2001. The forge is fully functioning and is a part of the museum displays. Occasionally the forge is fired up and operated and the creation of metalwork can be viewed by visitors.

There is a plan to move an authentic Yorkshire marsh barn to the grounds of the carriage factory and open it for exhibit to inform visitors of how Carriage Factory equipment would be used in farming, as well as other information on Yorkshire settlers and their farming practices.

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