Tantramar Gone Sprague


Dixon Block
104-106 Main Street, Sackville, N.B.


In 1857 Edward C. Palmer, a tailor by trade, purchased the site from John Bowser and built a small shop. This building changed hands a number of times until it was acquired in 1875 by Amasa Dixon who extended it and raised it to three storeys. Dixon operated a pharmacy, while other parts of the building contained stores, offices, and a hall used by community groups. On Dixon's death in 1904 the pharmacy was acquired by H.H.Woodworth who operated a Rexall Drug Store until his death in 1923. Dr. C.L. Gass then purchased the store and operated it as the Corner Drug Store. Dave Byers acquired the property in 1971 and ran the pharmacy, latterly combining with Henderson's Pharmacy but selling out in 1992 when a Jean Coutu Pharmacy opened on the other side of Main Street. The building continued to house businesses on the ground floor and apartments on the upper levels.

Amasa Dixon's rebuilding produced a flat-roofed, solidly built structure with projecting cornice and extensive decorative elements on the ground floor level. By the 1940s, however, the main part of the building had been covered with a dark-coloured ashphalt siding. In 1989/90 owner Dave Byers undertook a restoration of the building, removing the ashphalt siding and painting the exterior in contrasting colours.

On 11 August 2006 the building was largely destroyed by fire, and totally demolished soon after.


Dixon Block Fire, 11 August 2006
104-106 Main Street, Sackville, N.B.


The site was acquired by Lafford Realty, and a new building constructed in 2008/2009. The new building contains 12 apartments in the three upper levels but continues the tradition going back to 1875 of having a pharmacy on the ground floor with a Guardian Drugs store.

This property is within the Town of Sackville Municipal Heritage Conservation Area A.


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