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President -    Barbara Jardine
Vice-President -    Geoff Martin

Secretary -    Rebekah Cant
Treasurer -    Paul Bogaard
BHC Operations -    Bill Snowdon
CCFM Operations & Exhibits -    Paul Bogaard
Capital Campaign & Investments -    Geoff Martin
Collections Management -    Wendy Burnett
Educational Outreach - Christiana Steeves
Human Resources & Strategic Planning -   
Barbara Jardine

Landscaping - Gerrie Baycroft
Newsletter -    Peter Hicklin
Publications -    Al Smith
Workshops - Rebekah Cant
Members at Large -    Susan Amos, Demian Hammock
Executive Director -    Karen Valanne

Book-keeper -    Sandra Niles
Layout & Design -    Leslie Van Patter
Legal Services -

Webmaster -    Charlie Scobie
Heritage Day -    Bill Snowdon

Our By-laws

For a copy of the Trust's By-laws in PDF format please see THT BY-LAWS May 2018

Strategic Plan for the Tantramar Heritage Trust

At the September 14, 2016 meeting, the Tantramar Heritage Trust Board of Directors passed the following Strategic Plan for the Tantramar Heritage Trust:

MISSION STATEMENT: To promote the preservation of heritage resources in the Tantramar Region

VISION STATEMENT: To stimulate public interest in the history of the Tantramar Region and its heritage resources

Value the history, people, places and heritage properties of the Tantramar Region
Contribute to the knowledge and understanding of the Tantramar Region
Bring about awareness through engaging and interactive programmes
Facilitate outreach and new membership opportunities
Engage community members and visitors of diverse and multi-generational backgrounds

GOING FORWARD: The Board has asked each Committee to examine its existing policy statement in light of the Mission and Vision statements and the Principles adopted by the Board. Each Committee has also been asked to look at the following areas in order to develop strategic directions and priorities for the next five years:
Education and Outreach and Awareness
Finances and Fundraising
Collections and Exhibits
Capital Projects and Maintenance
Membership and Volunteers
Community Partnerships

For more information, please contact the Trust office at (506) 536-2541 or tantramarheritage@gmail.com


The annual fee for membership in the Trust is $20 for individuals and $30 per family (household). A student membership is $5. Members are entitled to vote during the Annual General Meeting, allowed free entry into the Campbell Carriage Factory Museum and the Boultenhouse Heritage Centre,and receive the Trust's newsletter, The White Fence , four times a year. (Membership fees are not eligible for a tax receipt).

Trust Projects
There are projects which also need your support, including the Campbell Carriage Factory and the Boultenhouse Heritage Centre. Donations of $10 or more are eligible for a tax receipt. Donations received by 31 December in any given year will qualify as charitable donations for that tax year. Official receipts will be mailed to you.

Please print out the MEMBERSHIP FORM (PDF), fill it out, and return it with a cheque (payable to Tantramar Heritage Trust) to :
             Tantramar Heritage Trust, Inc.,
             Box 3554, 29B Queens Road,
             Sackville, New Brunswick, E4L 4G4.

OR: pay by using PayPal -

Choose one

For donations to the Tantramar Heritage Trust please send a cheque (payable to Tantramar Heritage Trust) to : Tantramar Heritage Trust, Inc., Box 3554, 29B Queens Road, Sackville, New Brunswick, E4L 4G4

OR: donate using PayPal :

Thank you for your interest in Tantramar heritage
and for your support of the work of the Trust

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