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Calendar of Events 2017

Tantramar Heritage Trust to Launch its 32nd Publication:
The Histories of Church Congregations in Sackville , and Unveil New Exhibits

The Tantramar Heritage Trust is pleased to announce the launch of a new publication: Church Congregations in Sackville N.B. , edited by Peter Hicklin. The book launch will take place at 2 P.M., Sunday, October 15 at the Boultenhouse Heritage Centre, 29 Queens Road, Sackville.

This new publication is a 38 page booklet that records presentations by spokespersons from six of Sackville's churches, who participated in the Trust's and the Town's Heritage Day activities in February, 2016. All presenters were asked to focus on the history and legacy of their respective congregations rather than the actual buildings which was in keeping with the Provincial theme for heritage week 2106: "Leadership and Legacy". The congregations covered are Holy Rosary - St Vincent Catholic, Middle Sackville Baptist, Main Street Baptist, Sackville Methodist-United, the Anglican Church and the Presbyterian Church. The publication gives a brief historical overview of those congregations and highlights their leadership and legacy in the community. The Tantramar Heritage Trust is most pleased to include this publication in our listing of historical books.

Also on October 15, the Trust will be unveiling a new exhibit at the Boultenhouse Heritage Centre, titled "The Profession of Housekeeping." This exhibit is dedicated to the memory of Pauline Spatz, a longtime friend and supporter of the Trust. Many of the items in the exhibit are from the Wry Collection, which consists of almost 1,000 artefacts generously donated by Pauline over the years.

In addition to the exhibit, new installations have been made over the summer featuring the genealogy of the Boultenhouse and Bulmer families and the Wry Room has been almost completely refreshed. There will be lots of new things for visitors to enjoy.

All are welcome to attend. Light refreshments will be served.

For further information, please contact the Heritage Trust office at 536-2541.

Sunday, 22 October 2017 - Family Genealogy Workshop. Explore your family roots in this beginner workshop designed for families of all ages. Time: TBA. Limited space. Anderson Octagonal House, 29 Queens Road, Sackville, NB.

Friday, 17 November 2017 The Tantramar Heritage Trust presents its annual "Taste of History" Fundraising Dinner, this year celebrating Canada 150 by recognizing three people who were instrumental in celebrating our Canadian identity during the Centennial: John Fisher, aka Mr. Canada; Alex Colville; and George Stanley. All three have ties to Sackville. We'll also have a sing-along of all your favorite Canadian songs (remember the Log Driver's Waltz?). Cash bar on site. Meal by Sandpiper Catering. Tickets $50 each, includes a $25 tax receipt. Limited seating. St. Ann's Church Hall, Westcock, NB. 6 p.m.

Sackville Resident's Interest in Heritage leads to fund-raising opportunity
for Tantramar Heritage Trust

Sackville resident Ray Dixon is well known for his interest and commitment when it comes to Tantramar's heritage and his own family history, and this fall it will pay off for the Tantramar Heritage Trust's fund-raising program.

This past winter Ray was looking for a wood-working project and he decided to make an exact reproduction of the 'nanny bench' in the possession of the Tantramar Heritage Trust and on display in the front hall of the Boultenhouse Heritage Centre on Queens Road. Ray had a special interest in the piece because it came through his family and was very generously donated to the Trust.

The Trust has gratefully received the donation of the reproduction bench and will be raffling it off this fall. Tickets are available at the Boultenhouse Heritage Centre and from members of the Trust's Board of Directors.

The nanny bench allows two adults to sit and rock, but its greatest use is with the insertion of a side that allows an adult to rock while the baby is cradled on one end of the bench.

As near as Ray can determine, the bench was built by his ancestor Charles Dixon, who was born in 1803, founded Dixon Shipyard and built the celebrated vessel the Sarah Dixon , but was also a builder of houses and maker of furniture. (He was the grandson of Charles Dixon who came to Sackville with his family from Yorkshire, England in 1772.)

"The lines in the original nanny bench resemble other furniture in town that was the confirmed product of Charles Dixon," says Ray, which strengthens the family story of the origins of the bench. Ray describes Charles Dixon as "the most talented in the family" when it came to building.

Ray remembers his grandfather Walter Dixon telling him that he rocked Ray's great uncle James Leaman Dixon, who was a younger sibling. J. L. 'Lea' Dixon would go on to found the local enterprise that eventually became Atlantic Wholesalers.

There's also heritage interest in the raw materials that were used to build the reproduction. Ray says that the seat is constructed from materials that came from his grandfather Walter's workshop, while the arms and back are from furniture that came from another ancestor, Samuel Edward Dixon. "The dowels are about the only thing that are new," he says.

As in the original style, Ray says that the piece should be painted, given the variation in age and appearance of the wood that was used.

Ray is not new to support for local heritage, having been the recipient of the Tantramar Heritage Trust's Volunteer of the Year award, and as the author of Sackville Built Australia Bound: The Story of the Ship Sarah Dixon , published by the Trust.

Trust Vice-President Geoff Martin, who is spearheading the raffle, says that this is a lovely, sturdy, practical piece of furniture, based on a local nineteenth century design, and built from reclaimed heritage materials. "As a bonus Ray is acknowledged as the builder on the underside, which will make it even more attractive to his friends and acquaintances," Martin says.

Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20 and the draw will happen at the Trustís fund raising dinner November 17.

For more information, call Karen Valanne at 536-2541.

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