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The following publications are available from the Tantramar Heritage Trust. Enjoy reading more about our historic region, add to your research collection, or give the gift of history to someone you know. All proceeds are used to fund projects of the Tantramar Heritage Trust.

You can purchase Trust publications directly by visiting one of our Museums: Boultenhouse Heritage Centre , 29 Queens Road, Sackville - open year round or at the Campbell Carriage Factory Museum 19 Church St., Sackville - open mid June to end of August. If you are unable to visit one of our Museums then you can order by mail - see below.

To order, please print out and complete the Publications Order Form, available in PDF format , and mail to Tantramar Heritage Trust, Box 3554, 29B Queens Road, Sackville, New Brunswick, E4L 4G4. Payment by cheque or money order made out to "Tantramar Heritage Trust" will be accepted. All prices in Canadian dollars; American funds currently accepted on par with Canadian. Your book(s) will be sent as soon as payment is received. Thank you for your support.

Stephen Millidge: The Surprising Story of a Sackville Loyalist , by W. Eugene Goodrich

Sackville Township had been a British settlement for twenty five years when Loyalist families arrived in the mid 1780s. However, those few Loyalists had a profound impact on the future direction of governance that gave shape to people's lives in this community. Based on a variety of previously uninvestigated original source material, the author presents a very comprehensive study of Sackville Loyalist Stephen Millidge, merchant-trader, storekeeper, High Sheriff and Deputy Crown Surveyor. The book also offers a surprising amount of new information on the post-Planter settlement history as well as the economic, legal, and intellectual life of Sackville Township and Westmorland County. It tells the story, at times amusing, always engaging, and ultimately tragic, of a convinced Loyalist, devoted husband and father and contented citizen of Sackville.

Cost: $28.00


People of the Tantramar , by Charlie Scobie.
Biographical sketches of 47 women and men who have lived in the Tantramar area over the centuries. A sequel to the best-selling Sackville Then and Now . Hardback, full-colour, glossy paper, 108 pages, 10 x 8.5 inches.

Cost: $25.00 .

The Histories of Church Congregations in Sackville, New Brunswick , edited by Peter Hicklin

This publication is a 38 page booklet that records presentations by spokespersons from six of Sackville's churches, who participated in the Trust's and the Town's Heritage Day activities in February 2016. All presenters were asked to focus on the history and legacy of their respective congregations rather than the actual buildings which was in keeping with the Provincial theme for heritage week 2016: "Leadership and Legacy". The congregations covered are Holy Rosary St Vincent Catholic, Middle Sackville Baptist, Main Street Baptist, Sackville Methodist-United, the Anglican Church and the Presbyterian Church. The publication gives a brief historical overview of those congregations and highlights their leadership and legacy in the community.

Cost: $8.00


The White Fence Compendium , Issues 1-30 of The White Fence with Index. Compendium of the first 30 issues of the Trust's newsletter The White Fence all bound under one cover including an index.

Cost: $20.00 .

The White Fence Compendium II , Issues 31-60 of The White Fence .

A compilation of the Trust's newsletter The White Fence all bound under one cover including an Index.

Cost: $22.00


Surrounded By Smart Women by Larry Black

The Trust launched Surrounded By Smart Women on February 18th, 2017, its 31st publication. The 166 page book details the lives of two Maritime Women: Statira Caldwell McDonald and her daughter Gwendolyn McDonald Black. The story begins in Wolfville, N.S. in 1876 with the birth of Statira and ends in Sackville, N.B. with Gwen's death in 2005. With bits of family lore and occasional warm humour, the author carefully chronicles the significant events in the lives of these two women from Acadia University, to a Parsonage in Alberta, Lasell Junior College for Women in Auburndale, Massachusetts; Mount Allison Ladies' College, and the Canadian Federation of University Women. The narrative is a compelling story of mother and daughter's ability to maintain very high standards as professionals while working through adversity and at the same time being wives and mothers. Both women were well ahead of their time in promoting women's education and activism.

Cost: $22.00 + shipping and handling

Tales of the Horse, by Dick McLeod.

Tales of the Horse was the Trust's first publication launched in November 1996. The booklet is a delightful presentation of vivid personal memoirs of Westcock's Dick McLeod. Dick's fascinating experiences growing up with horses are well illustrated with photos and drawings and will be a must read for folks interested in all things horse.

The booklet was reprinted by the Trust in June, 2016.

Cost: $8.00


Atlas of the Acadian Settlement of the Beaubassin 1660-1775: Mesagoueche and LaButte by Paul Surette

This atlas is the third in a series researched and written by Paul Surette. The 403 page document, with photos in full colour, chronicles the establishment of early Acadian settlements at the head of the Bay of Fundy between the ridges of Aulac and Amherst along the Missaguash (Mesagoueche) and La Planche Rivers. By combining detailed genealogy of the Acadian families who settled in this region and extensive census data which helps to locate each generation of these families in specific localities, Surette is able to map out where these families settled. He also relates how this local story fits into the broader events of the 17th and 18th century history of this area. Some of the main Acadian families settling this area were: Cyr, Bourgeois, Arsenot (ault), Richard, Caissie, Poirier, Cormier, Mouton, DeVeau, Doucet, Buhot and others.

Cost $35.00 Cdn. + shipping

Atlas of the Acadian Settlement of the Beaubassin 1660 to 1755, The Great Marsh, Tintamarre and Le Lac, by Paul Surette. Published in 2005 by the Tantramar Heritage Trust.

Author/Researcher Paul Surette's 204-page atlas is a momentous work of geography, which is also deeply rooted in genealogy. The book presents a detailed chronology of events leading to the settling of villages and maps the locales of families who founded these new settlements along the edge of the Tantramar Marsh at the head of the Bay of Fundy. The atlas can actually be used as a road map to visiting these historic locations and will be a great interest to all readers interested in Tantramar's early settlement history, particularly during the period 1660-1755.

Cost $25.00. Available in English or French - please specify.

Surette Atlas

Letters to Sally, An Early Sackville Love Story . Edited with Introduction and Annotations by W. Eugence Goodrich

These six recently rediscovered letters of High Sheriff and Deputy Crown Surveyor Stephen Millidge to his beloved wife, Sally Botsford Millidge, tell a charming, if ultimately tragic, tale of love, separation and longing to be on "the other side," at home with family and friends. Written between 1789 and ca. 1795, they offer a rare glimpse into some of the conditions of life during Sackville's early history.

Cost: $14.00


A Duty Toward the Living by Sandy Burnett

An account of healthcare in the Tantramar region, starting with the earliest days of settlement and continuing to the 1990s. The narrative explores how the community's idea of what constitutes wellness has evolved over time, and what steps have been taken at each stage to achieve individual and collective health. From herbal remedies to diagnostic imaging and laser surgery, it traces the evolution of healthcare in a local setting, demonstrating how each new development has created new expectations. It is also a story of dedicated individuals who devoted their best efforts to protecting and enhancing the well-being of their neighbours in every generation.

Cost $25.00

Sackville Then and Now: New Brunswick's Oldest Town in Photographs

Co-authored by Kip Jackson and Charlie Scobie, this unique and fascinating selection of pictures matches historic ("then") photographs from the past 140 years with contemporary ("now") shots taken as far as possible in the same location and from the same angle. The text helps situate the pictures in Sackville's eventful history. Drawing on the resources of local archives as well as private collections this book presents glimpses into Sackville's history and heritage, some of it still preserved, some of it alas long gone.

Cost $25.00

Culture and Agriculture on the Tantramar Marshes , by Dr. Graeme Wynn.

The Trust's fourth publication in 2012 (the 250th Anniversary year of Sackville Township) is a facinating look at agriculture and land use on the Tantramar comparing the efforts of the Acadians to the New England planters, the Yorkshiremen and Loyalists in the successive waves of re-settlement under British authority. The publication covers the period 1750-1800 and is a revised and updated thesis that Dr. Wynn submitted for his MA from the University of Toronto in 1969. This is a must read for all folks interested in the early years of Sackville Township and is a nice followup to the Trust's July, 2012 release of the book The Struggle for Sackville.

Cost: $18.00


The Struggle For Sackville - the British Re-settlement of Chignecto 1755 - 1770

Co-authored by Amy Fox and Paul Bogaard this new book provides an in-depth look at the sequence of events that led up to the founding of Sackville township in 1759 and the subsequent resettlement of the region by families largely from New England in the early 1760s.

Cost $25.00

Yorkshire Immigrants to Atlantic Canada - Papers from the "Yorkshire 2000" Conference , edited by Paul A. Bogaard

This publication makes available for the first time all 15 papers presented at a two day conference held at Mount Allison University, Sackville, N.B. in August 2000. The conference was part of a week long celebration held in Sackville in honour of the more than 1000 immigrants from Yorkshire, England who settled in Atlantic Canada (most in the Chignecto Region) between 1772 and 1775. The conference brought together noted academics, genealogists, and local historians, and the proceedings include an introductory essay by Dr. Bill Hamilton. This publication, along with Jim Snowdon's Footprints in the Marsh Mud (also available from the Trust) will be of great interest to all who are interested in the early settlement history of eastern Canada. It is especially relevant to an understanding of the immigration and impact of those hardy settlers from Yorkshire who were "seeking a new life" in Nova Scotia.

220 pages. Publication launched May 31, 2012.

Cost: $29.00


A Country Store and More, Joseph L. Black & Sons, 1830s-1960s - by Larry Black

A Country Store and More is the story of three generations of a Middle Sackville, New Brunswick, family in Business, Military, Political, Church, Education, and Community Affairs. The author has uniquely intertwined the story of the Black family and its many businesses into the social and economic development of the Town of Sackville and outlying regions. As merchants, farmers, lumbermen, soldiers and industrialists, the Blacks influenced the economic, social and political evolution of their times, not just locally, but regionally and, at times, nationally.

Joseph Laurence (Larry) Black is uniquely qualified to tell this tale. As a member of the family he has had unequalled access to their story, both oral and written. As a distinguished historian and scholar, he possesses the insight and ability to craft from this material a vibrant portrait of a community and a society making the transition from pioneer village to modern times.

252 pages including 48 photos and illustrations and a listing of personal names mentioned in the text, launched Feb. 11, 2012

Cost $29.00


Sackville Built Australia Bound: The Story of the Ship Sarah Dixon, by Raymond L. Dixon

At 1465 tons she was the pride of the Dixon Shipyard. A magnificent new ship launched into the waters of the Tantramar River at high tide September 18, 1856 to the hurrahs of a large crowd who were given a half day holiday to witness the event. The ship Sarah Dixon was the largest vessel to be launched from Sackville area shipyards and certainly one of the most majestic. Loaded with a cargo of lumber she sailed to Liverpool, England to be sold and converted to a passenger vessel for the Liverpool to Melbourne, Australia route.

Author Ray Dixon carefully chronicles the life of the Sackville, New Brunswick shipbuilder, Charles Dixon, and the extended Dixon family. It is a tale of determination and success but ultimately of hardship and tragedy.

The ship made voyages out to Australia in 1857 and 1858 carrying emigrants and gold seekers to the colony downunder. Transcriptions of two journals provide the reader with a first hand account of enduring a long sea voyage of 90 to 100 days.

Passenger lists are included for both the 1857 and 1858 voyages. The book will be of great interest to descendants of the Dixon family and also to descendants of those men and women who colonized the Australian territory in the mid 1800s.

21 photos, maps and illustrations - 94 pages. Published in May, 2011

Cost: $22.00



Head of the Bay: A History of the Maringouin (Rockport) Peninsula , by Jeffrey Ward.

Tales of heroism, hardship, sacrifice and success animate the pages of The Head of the Bay , by Jeff Ward. The bay in question is the Bay of Fundy and, in particular, its upper end, where the Maringouin Peninsula divides its tidal waters into Shepody Bay and Cumberland Basin.

Now virtually forgotten, the communities of the peninsula once played an important role in the industrial and commercial history of Atlantic Canada. In the nineteenth century, fortunes were won and lost in the shipyards and quarries of the district and place names such as Upper and Lower Rockport, Slacks Cove, Pink Rock, Hard Ledge, and Johnson's Mills were known and respected far and wide. Ward succeeds unerringly in linking local stories to the wider sweep of current events, showing how even small places and modest lives can influence the shaping of the world.
Fully indexed, 71 photos, maps and graphs - 240 pages. Newly revised third edition, published in 2018.

Cost: $35.00

Lord of the Land - The Reign of Amos "King" Seaman , by Jamie Heap - published in February 2009. The book chronicles the early development of Minudie, N.S. and the impact that Sackville native Amos Seaman had on this rural community. The rags to riches story of Minudie's "grindstone king" is an intriguing tale of opportunism, entrepreneurial wisdom and complex family relationships.

Cost: $15.00




Shipbuilding in Westmorland County, New Brunswick, 1784-1910: , Compiled by Charles A. Armour, with additions by Allan D. Smith. This book is mainly a compilation of registry information on the 580 vessels built in Westmorland County during the period 1784 to 1910, and includes chapters on "Shipbuilding in New Brunswick," "New Brunswick Shipping Registers and Other Registration Sources," "The Pre-eminent Shipbuilders of Westmorland County" (Boultenhouse, Chapman, Hickman, Ogden, Palmer, Purdy and Salter), "Portraits of Westmorland Built Vessels," "Chronological Listings by Port, of Vessel Registration Data." The 45 illustrations include 25 images of ship portraits, in colour - a special highlight of the book.

Cost: $28.00

Roberts Country: Sir Charles G.D. Roberts and the Tantramar , by Charles H.H. Scobie. Sir Charles G.D. Roberts (1860-1943), "the Father of Canadian Literature," spent the first fourteen years of his life in Westcock, in the Tantramar area of south-eastern New Brunswick. This book shows how his boyhood in the Tantramar profoundly influenced much of Roberts' later work: his historical writings, his animal stories, his novels and above all his poetry. With the help of over thirty illustrations and three maps the book also provides the visitor with a guide to "Roberts Country."

Cost: $19.95 .


The Life and Times of Josiah Wood , by Dean Jobb. This superbly researched publication was originally completed in 1980 as an honors dissertation in Canadian Studies at Mount Allison University. It was published by the Trust in April 2007. The book chronicles the life of Sackville's most famous native son. Wood spent 35 years in public life as MP, Senator and Lt. Gov. of NB. He operated one of the largest shipping and wholesaling firms in Sackville, he built the Cape Railway and served as Sackville's first mayor. 120 pages.

Cost: $20.00 .

For further information see the author's web site at www.deanjobb.ca , and also the author's Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia site at http://www.writers.ns.ca/Writers/djobb.html .

Josiah Wood

The Botsford Men
Three Generations of Loyalist Gentlemen: The Botsford Men of Westmorland County, by Lorna E. Milton Oulton. Researched and written in 1980/81 as a BA honours thesis in English and History at Mount Allison University, this document was published by the Trust in November 2006. The publication chronicles the lives of three generations of this influential loyalist family commencing with Amos Botsford (1744-1812).

Cost $25.00 .

Dykes and Aboiteaux, a booklet by the Societe Promotion Grand-Pre on how the Acadians turned the salt marshes into fertile meadows.

Cost: $5.00 .


Al Smith
Aboushagan to Zwicker: An Historical Guide to Sackville, New Brunswick Street Nomenclature, (ISBN 978-0-9784100-3-2) by Al Smith - This Trust publication launched in May 2004 explores the historical origins of Sackville's 131 street names. The publication includes a wealth of historical information and a number of early maps and photographs. 84 pages.

Out of print - to be updated and reprinted

At The Crossroads: The History of Sackville New Brunswick, by Dr. William B. Hamilton. The Trust was the sponsoring agency for this magnificent book on Sackville's proud history. Published by Gaspereau Press, this 310 page history walks you through the centuries from the earliest Mi'kmaq to present day. The publication was launched on 24 September 2004.

Cost $32.00 .

William B. Hamilton

Bibliography of "At The Crossroads" A History of Sackville NB - compiled by Anthony Hampton. This Trust publication is a companion document to Dr. William B. Hamilton's book on the History of Sackville NB. It chronicles the many sources consulted in writing "At The Crossroads" and includes two short essays on the Significance of Local History and the Role of Journalism in Local History. 68 pages.

No longer available in hard copy, but available online in PDF version at At The Crossroads Bibliography .

The Siege of Fort Beausejour 1755 by Chris Hand. This book, published by Goose Lane Editions, details the military campaign that led to the fall of Fort Beausejour in 1755, the first major battle that led to the cessation of French rule in North America. The Trust is pleased to offer this publication for sale at its outlets. 109 pages.

Cost $15.00 .

Siege of Fort

Dale E. Alward
Down Sackville Ways: Shipbuilding in a Nineteenth Century New Brunswick Outport, (ISBN 978-0-9784100-2-5) by Dale Alward. This exhaustively researched document examines Sackville's shipbuilding era in the golden age of sail when over 160 vessels were built and launched in Sackville Parish. 100 pages.

Cost $22.00 .

Nathaniel Smith: Stranger in a Strange Land. Edited by Pat Finney, the publication presents excerpts of letters sent home by Nathaniel to relatives back in Yorkshire, England, during the period 1774-1789. The publication will be of great interest to descendants of Yorkshire settlers and those interested in early settlement history of Nova Scotia.

Cost: $10.00 .

Nathaniel Smith

Our Heritage
Our Heritage: A Teacher's Resource Package for Heritage Study. A teacher's resource package focusing on early settlement history with emphasis on the Yorkshire settlement of 1772-1775. The document was compiled by Genie Coates (and committee) and provides much background information, references, sources and curriculum study ideas.

Out of print

Short Stories (ISBN 978-0-9784100-1-8) by Will R. Bird.
A republication of 5 short stories by Will Bird from a series 'When Yorkshire Came to Nova Scotia' originally published in the Family Herald in 1944. Will be of interest for all those interested in early settlement history.

Cost: $10.00 .

Will R. Bird Stories

A Bibliography of Early Settlement History - Chignecto.(ISBN 978-0-9683042-9-7).
A comprehensive listing of early settlement references that details much of the reference holdings at Mount Allison University. The document was compiled for the Trust by Renee deGannes and includes a preface on the Yorkshire Immigration.

Cost: $9.00 .

Tastes of Tantramar: Yorkshire Recipes.
Edited by Betty Dobson for Yorkshire 2000 and is a delightful collection of traditional recipes from the Tantramar region.

Cost: $8.00 .

Tastes of Tantramar

Footprints in the Marsh Mud
Footprints in the Marsh Mud - Politics and Land Settlement in the Township of Sackville 1760-1800, (ISBN 978-0-9784100-0-1) by Jim Snowdon. This is the first reprinting of this important reference thesis on early settlement. The document was reprinted with permission from the author and in co-operation with the R.P. Bell Library.

Cost: $25.00 .

Six Romantic Tales of the Tantramar, by Mabel Dixon (ISBN 978-0-9683042-8-0). A wonderful little 55 page publication written by Ms Dixon in 1913 and reprinted by C.W Moffatt in 1980. The six short stories all have Tantramar settings and are charming and romantic tales.

Out of print

Six Romantic Tales

Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards - Package of 10 cards
Greeting cards suitable for Christmas cards or general greetings. Two original illustrations (Chapman House and Ford House) done by artist Chris Parker Hunter in 1999.    Click here to find out more.

Cost: $15.00 .

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