Strategic Plan for the Tantramar Heritage Trust

At the September 14, 2016 meeting, the Tantramar Heritage Trust Board of Directors passed the following Strategic Plan for the Tantramar Heritage Trust:

The following have been approved by the Board of THT:

MISSION STATEMENT: To promote the preservation of heritage resources in the Tantramar Region

VISION STATEMENT: To stimulate public interest in the history of the Tantramar Region and its heritage resources


  • Value the history, people, places and heritage properties of the Tantramar Region
  • Contribute to the knowledge and understanding of the Tantramar Region
  • Bring about awareness through engaging and interactive programmes
  • Facilitate outreach and new membership opportunities
  • Engage community members and visitors of diverse and multi-generational backgrounds

GOING FORWARD: The Board has asked each Committee to examine its existing policy statement in light of the Mission and Vision statements and the Principles adopted by the Board. Each Committee has also been asked to look at the following areas in order to develop strategic directions and priorities for the next five years:

  • Education and Outreach and Awareness
  • Finances and Fundraising
  • Collections and Exhibits
  • Capital Projects and Maintenance
  • Membership and Volunteers
  • Community Partnerships

The Committees are asked to report to the THT Board at the January 2017 meeting.

Many thanks to Michael Fox, Melanie Jellett and Kim Meade for their leadership and guidance last spring as the board developed this new strategic plan.

For more information, please contact the Trust office at (506) 536-2541 or

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