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What Was Yorkshire 2000?

The Tantramar Heritage Trust was pleased to be the host for Yorkshire 2000, a gathering of the descendants of Yorkshire settlers who immigrated from northern England to Nova Scotia (which at the time included present day New Brunswick) during the period 1772-1775.

Yorkshire 2000 was a celebration of this historic event 225 years after the immigration. It was held August 3-10, 2000, centered on the campus of Mount Allison University, Sackville, N.B., Canada, with events held throughout the New Brunswick/Nova Scotia border area.
Map of the Chignecto Region

For detailed information on the original idea developed by Don Chapman (Mission, BC) please click on the following:
Background to the original proposal

Yorkshire 2000 - A Huge Success

Some 3000 people participated in the wide-ranging events of Yorkshire 2000. For a report see Yorkshire 2000 - A Huge Success.

The Legacy : Publications and Ongoing Studies

A Yorkshire 2000 Legacy Committee, under the Board of the Tantramar Heritage Trust, worked on a series of projects as a legacy to the Yorkshire 2000 gathering. See Publications and Ongoing Studies for further information.

The Legacy : Plaques and Memorials

Steps have already been taken to place historical markers preserving the memory of the Yorkshire settlers. See Plaques and Memorials for further information.

Family Information

For a comprehensive listing of Yorkshire families, ship passenger listing and much more please access the following website developed by Gord Ripley: www.libris.ca/yrkfam/

Ships Information:

For information on the ships which brought the Yorkshire settlers see :

To continue Yorkshire Heritage discussions:

Organizing related to Yorkshire 2000 took place through an email discussion group. That early on-line group is currently evolving into a Facebook social networking group, called: "1770s Yorkshire Migration".

Anyone interested in on-going exchanges about the general subject of the Yorkshire Migration is welcome as a member. If you wish to participate you will need to become a Facebook participant (no charge), by signing up at: http://www.facebook.com/

Subsequent to becoming a Facebook member and logging into Facebook, you may join the 1770s Yorkshire Migration group by searching for the group name on the Facebook site.

Early Settlement History of Tantramar:

Links to Yorkshire genealogy, etc., in the Chignecto region:

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