Tantramar Yorkshire Yorkshire

Ships of the Yorkshire Emigration to Nova Scotia, 1772-1775

Ship Name
Sailing Date
# of Passengers
Arrival Date
Duke of York - 16 Mar 1772Liverpool62Halifax (Fort Cumberland) - 46 Day crossing
1st vessel to arrive
Albion- ? 1772 Yorkshire ? - - Thought to have sailed in 1772
Albion- ? 1773 Yorkshire ? - - Thought to have sailed in 1773
Albion 150t 11 (14) Mar. 1774 Hull 188(181) Fort Cumberland17 (14)May 1774Brigantine - Nearly wrecked on Sable Is., arrived Halifax 7 May
Two Friends-7 Mar. 1774Hull103Fort Cumberland-Brigantine
William & Mary-March 1774Scarborough193---
Mary-26 Apr.1774Stockton34-June-
Endeavour220tMarch 1774Whitby----
Prince George280t9(8) April 1774 Scarborough143Halifax & Fort Cumberland--
Thomas &William-4 April1774Scarborough181Halifax & Fort Cumberland--
Providence150tApril 1774Newcastle 71Halifax & Fort Cumberland1 June (Halifax)-
Jenny500t10 Apr 1775Hull80---
....Total 1056+...

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